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Ultrasonic cell crusher can choose a variety of probes
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Ultrasonic cell crusher can choose a variety of probes

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The effects of ultrasound on cells are mainly thermal, cavitation and mechanical effects. The ultrasonic cell pulverizer uses the dispersion effect of ultrasonic waves in the liquid to cause the liquid to produce cavitation, thereby breaking the solid particles or cell tissue in the liquid. The ultrasonic cell pulverizer is composed of an ultrasonic generator and a transducer. The transducer then vibrates longitudinally. The vibration wave generates a cavitation effect through the titanium alloy horn immersed in the biological solution, which excites the biological particles in the medium to vibrate violently.

Features of Ultrasonic Cell Shredder

1. Automatic frequency modulation starts vibration, without manual adjustment.

2.there is a temperature protection probe, which can effectively prevent damage to the sample due to temperature rise during the crushing process.

Ultrasonic Cell Shredder

3. According to the feedback signal of the temperature probe, the external temperature control unit can be driven by the "normally open/normally closed" switch.

4. The standard probe can be down-converted through MICROTIP below 1/2" to realize the crushing of trace samples.

5. There are different styles of probes such as closed cup (CUP) and continuous flow (FILLCELL) for purchase.

6.There are 96-well microtiter plate crushing head and double needle probe (to ensure experimental parallelism) probe for purchase.

7. Tracking display output actual effective power.

8. There are nine program memory functions, which are convenient for users to program and call.

9. Adjustable "work/intermittent" proportional time cycle pulse operation, the time range is from 0.5 seconds to 1 hour, which improves the crushing effect and effectively prevents temperature rise.

Ultrasonic Cell Shredder

10. There is a question menu to protect the micro-probe, which can effectively prevent damage to the machine by misoperation. The main use of ultrasonic cell crusher Ultrasonic crusher can be used to crush animal and plant cells, bacteria, dental spores or tissues. Disperse rare earth and various inorganic mineral powders. Ultrasonic pulverizer is an ideal device to accelerate the reaction speed of chemistry, biology and physics and accelerate the degassing of liquid. Ultrasonic pulverizer can prepare latex with a size of nearly one-hundredth of a micron; homogenize the "immiscible" mixed liquid; polymerize some substances and precipitate other substances.

Ultrasonic pulverizer can achieve multiple functions of extraction, pulverization, emulsification, homogenization, suspension, mutation, air suspension, accelerated desolvation, crystallization, and preparation of various biological samples under an electron microscope.


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