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What are the experimental equipment commonly used in microbial experiments
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What are the experimental equipment commonly used in microbial experiments

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What are the experimental equipment commonly used in microbiology laboratories? To summarize for you:

(1) Ultra-clean workbench

The cultivation of microorganisms is carried out aseptic culture in a specific medium, so aseptic culture must provide an aseptic working environment with an ultra-clean workbench. The purpose of the ultra-clean workbench is the aseptic operation of microorganism inoculation and processing.


There are many types of incubators, and its function is to provide a suitable environment for the growth of microorganisms. There are many types of incubators, including biochemical incubators, mold incubators, anaerobic incubators, etc.

(3) Balance

The balance is used to accurately weigh various reagents. Electronic balances are commonly used in laboratories, and electronic balances have different levels of accuracy.

(4) Microbial homogenizer

Used to extract bacteria from solid samples. The preparation of microbiological test samples with microbiological homogenizer has the characteristics of no pollution, no damage, no heating, no need for sterilization, no need to wash utensils, etc. It is a relatively convenient instrument to use in microbial experiments.

(5) Colony counter

The colony counter can assist the operator to count the number of colonies. Accurately obtain the number of colonies by zooming in, taking pictures, and counting. Some high-performance colony counters can also be connected to a computer to complete automatic counting operations.

(6) Microwave/electric stove

It is used for rapid heating of solution and heating and melting of microbial solid culture medium.

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(7) Autoclave

Most of the experimental items, reagents, and culture media used in microbiology should be strictly disinfected and sterilized. Sterilization pots are also available in different sizes and models, some are manual, and some are fully automatic. Users need to choose according to their needs.

(8) Pipette

Liquid measuring devices are used to accurately measure various liquids. Common liquid measuring instruments include measuring cylinders, pipettes, micropipettes, graduated test tubes, and beakers.

(9) Refrigerator

The refrigerator is an indispensable instrument for storing reagents and samples in the laboratory. Some reagents used in microbiology experiments require storage at 4 degrees, and some require storage at minus 20 degrees. The experimenter must see the storage conditions of the reagents and store them at the appropriate temperature.

(10) Biological safety cabinet

Some of the reagents and sample microorganisms involved in microbiological experiments are toxic, which is more harmful to operators. In order to prevent the spread of harmful suspended particles and aerosols, biological safety cabinets can be used to provide safety protection for operators, samples and cross-infection between samples and the environment.

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(11) Shaker

Shaker is an instrument commonly used in laboratories. In the process of microbiological experiment operation, liquid culture medium needs to be shaken at a specific temperature when culturing bacteria.

(12) Pure water device

Pure water devices include water distillers and pure water machines. The price of water distiller is cheap, but someone needs to be on duty during the process of making water; the price of pure water machine is higher, but it is easy to use and can store a certain amount of pure water. There are also different levels of pure water use. Pure water is required to prepare reagents and culture media in the experiment.

(13) Biological microscope

Due to the small size of microorganisms, a biological microscope is needed for observation. Biological microscopes are used to observe the structure and shape of microorganisms and tiny objects.

(14)Freeze dryer

Mainly suitable for drying bacteria, microorganisms, yeast, etc. It is used to dry and store products that are easily dehydrated. After adding water, the characteristics of the raw materials can be restored again without affecting their biological activity. Through freeze-drying, materials such as bacteria become dry and will not undergo chemical changes.

(15) Spectrophotometer

The spectrophotometer is used to determine the concentration of the microbial suspension in the microbial test, and the appropriate culture time can be selected correctly. Generally, the concentration of the bacterial solution is measured at a wavelength of 600nm.

(16) Constant temperature drying oven

Constant temperature drying box is used for drying items after sterilization and washing. The oven has different temperature control ranges, and users can choose according to experimental needs. For example, some plastic utensils can only be dried in an oven at 42-45°C. Generally, glass utensils can be dried at 60°C.

(17) Constant temperature water bath

The water bath is a kind of temperature control device, and the temperature control of the water bath is relatively quick and full of contact for the sample. Some microbial reactions need to be carried out in a water bath at 37 degrees, 42 degrees, and 56 degrees, so a constant temperature water bath can provide the required temperature.

(18) Acidity meter

It is used to accurately measure the pH value when configuring reagents to ensure the accuracy of the configured solution. Sometimes it is also necessary to use a pH meter to determine the pH of the sample solution.

(19) Centrifuge

Used to collect microbial cells and other sediments. Centrifuge is divided into freezing and normal temperature. Some samples are not stable at room temperature and require a low temperature environment, depending on the type of sample.


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