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How to use the beaker?
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How to use the beaker?

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How to use the beaker. There is a volume scale on the beaker, but the beaker cannot be used as a measuring tool. The beaker can only roughly measure a certain volume of solution.

1. Can the beaker be heated? Because the thickness of the bottom of the beaker is uneven, the beaker is generally heated on a tripod with asbestos netting, so that the bottom of the beaker can be heated evenly, and the bottom of the beaker will not be unevenly heated to cause the bottom of the beaker to be burnt! Dissolve some soluble salts in the beaker Use a glass rod to stir constantly to speed up the dissolution.

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2. How to transfer the liquid into the beaker? The liquid can be drained into the beaker with the help of a glass rod. The specific method is that the glass rod is close to the inner wall of the beaker, and the liquid is slowly poured onto the glass rod, and the liquid slowly flows into the beaker on the glass rod .

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3. How to transfer the liquid in the beaker to other dissolvers? There is a small protruding mouth at the mouth of the beaker, which is close to the mouth of the container, and the liquid is poured out from the mouth of the beaker and transferred into other containers!

In addition, when weighing medicines, the beaker can also be used as a container, but pay attention to peeling when weighing!

It should be noted that the beaker cannot be used as a long-term storage solution reagent bottle.


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