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The overall planning and design of the laboratory and its specifications
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The overall planning and design of the laboratory and its specifications

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The overall working environment of the laboratory is different from the ordinary office environment. It has higher technical requirements. Moreover, laboratories in different fields have different requirements, and the difference is sometimes large.

1. Laboratory planning concept:

The laboratory furniture such as various test benches and test cabinets should meet the requirements of international standards and environmental protection. The surface materials should have the characteristics of good physical and chemical properties, corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning. The structure should be ergonomic and safe to operate, and be effective Improve the operator’s work efficiency.

Laboratory equipment

The walls of the laboratory should be made of building materials with low surface adhesion, convenient cleaning, and flexible separation; the laboratory floor should be made of corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and easy-to-wash building materials, and the building's fire resistance rating should not be lower than Class II. The setting of fire-fighting facilities should also comply with the relevant national regulations on building design. Laboratory sinks, sewer pipes, etc. should be resistant to acids, alkalis and organic solvents, and take measures to prevent clogging and leakage. Laboratories with different functions such as cleanliness, temperature and humidity, and pressure gradient requirements should adopt independent fresh air, return air, and exhaust air systems. The exhaust system of the fume hood should be set independently, and it is not advisable to share the air duct, let alone the fire air duct.

2. Configuration method of standard laboratory:

(1) In the center of the laboratory, here is the space where the central experiment table is set. Usually, a washing table is set on the longitudinal side or the middle of the central experiment table, and a reagent rack is set on the table, and a universal exhaust hood can also be set;

(2) Experimental side table, work table, sky platform, side table reagent rack, universal combination rack, and wall cabinet are set up by the window on the right side;

(3) Fume hoods, laboratory benches, washing tables, drying racks, medicine cabinets, and storage cabinets are set up by the door on the right side (the location of the fume hood should be convenient for the connection of the ventilation pipes);

(4) Safety equipment, emergency sprinklers, eye washers, fire extinguishers, etc. are usually placed on the left and right of the door;

(5) Set the fume hood, experiment side table, side table reagent rack, washing table, hanging cabinet by the door on the left side, and install large equipment and equipment;

(6) Places where side tables, work tables, side table reagent racks, and large installations and equipment are set up by the window on the left;

(7) The position of the window The space under the window can be set up with side tables, test tables, and microscope tables, with good vision during operation.

Laboratory equipment

3. Laboratory classification scheme:

In modern experimental research institutions, laboratories are usually classified according to physics, general chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, and biology. When selecting equipment for graphic design, laboratories in different fields have different requirements, and the differences are very advanced. Big.

When designing a chemical analysis laboratory, it is usually equipped with a central platform that operates on both sides in the center of the laboratory, with side tables, test benches, fume hoods, medicine cabinets, drying cabinets, etc., equipped with clean benches, constant temperature and humidity equipment as needed.

With the development of the physics industry such as medicine, medicine, food, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, in these fields, a sterile and dust-free environment with high reliability is indispensable. In the biological laboratory, consider the special requirements of the data processing workflow from general to inspection, testing, photography, and washing. The washing station and drying station can usually be adjusted at the entrance.

On the central and side tables, install reagent racks and universal brackets to place reaction tubes, extraction tubes and other instruments according to different experimental purposes. In addition, special gas piping and water supply and drainage for cooling should be introduced on the experimental table. Pipes, universal brackets for fixing appliances can also be installed inside the fume hood.

In order to facilitate the operation and use of analytical instruments, the center of the laboratory is often equipped with a single-sided instrument bench, and the outer wall is equipped with a test bench. The special gas piping used by the analytical instrument should be as close as possible to the analytical instrument.

4. International laboratory standard chart:

When planning a laboratory, you must first understand the scale of the laboratory and consider other factors:

(1) The size of the experimental bench and the area occupied by various devices;

(2) The configuration and operation content of the experimental platform;

(3) Indoor passage space;

(4) Issues related to daylighting;

(5) Interrelationships and operating procedures with other experiments or experimental benches.


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