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How can the traceability and daily management of laboratory equipment be better?
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How can the traceability and daily management of laboratory equipment be better?

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There are many aspects of laboratory equipment management that need attention, especially in daily management and traceability. Many laboratory administrators have some experience in these two areas, but not a lot. Today I will share with you some precautions in these two areas, hoping to bring you some references and suggestions.

1. Instrument and equipment traceability

The instrument and equipment must be verified and calibrated before the experiment can be carried out, because it is necessary to ensure that they are in a normal state within the corresponding effective period. But this does not mean that the accuracy of the instrument and the accuracy of the data within a limited period of time will definitely remain unchanged, because in actual work, the use of the equipment itself or the influence of its environment and other factors, the instrument can change with its use Yes, the laboratory must determine whether it needs to conduct periodic inspections according to the stability and use of the equipment. If deviations are found, maintenance and other measures can be used to ensure the accuracy and validity of the test data.

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Precautions for verification during instrumentation:

(1) Not all instruments and equipment need to be checked during the period. Only when the relevant instruments are not stable enough and easy to age, the operating personnel of the equipment and the use environment change, the scope of use of the instrument changes or the use of the instrument is more frequent, the period check needs to be considered;

(2) The method of verification during the period can be compared with the instrument operation specification or related instruction manual to verify its key and variable parameters, use a comparison method, use valid standard materials for verification, retain samples and retest methods, etc.;

(3) The period of interim verification. In general, it can be performed during a verification or calibration. Interim verification can be performed when the equipment has the following conditions, such as abnormal instrument measurement results, suspicious data in the measurement or other suspicious conditions ;

(4) The record of the verification results during the period and the results need to be recorded by the verifier. If the verification proves that the instrument has a problem during the period, further analysis is required. If the performance cannot meet the experimental requirements, the stop mark should be attached and the instrument should be repaired. To ensure the normal use of the instrument.

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2. Daily management of the instrument

(1) The users of relevant precision instruments must undergo theoretical and practical operation training, and the equipment can only be used after passing the test, and untrained experimental personnel cannot use it;

(2) Relevant users should be familiar with the operating procedures of the instrument, check and record accordingly before and after the instrument is used, and do its maintenance work to ensure the accuracy of its testing. For instruments that are used less frequently Equipment or idle electronic instruments should be turned on regularly for inspection, and corresponding maintenance records should be made;

(3) The environmental conditions of the storage location of the instrument should meet the accuracy requirements of the instrument. If the instrument has strict regulations on the environment, there should be environmental monitoring and related control methods.

Since the quality of equipment management determines the accuracy and effectiveness of experimental data, it is very important to do a good job in the daily management of equipment. The traditional manual management is difficult to effectively manage the equipment, especially the traceability of the equipment is easily managed by manual omissions. At this time, the use of a dedicated laboratory management system will make the management work more effective.


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