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Equipment commonly used in chemical laboratories
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Equipment commonly used in chemical laboratories

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1. Test tube: used as a reaction container for a small amount of reagents, used at room temperature or heating. Note that it cannot be quenched after heating to prevent explosion.

2. Beaker: Used as a reaction vessel for preparing solution and a larger amount of solvent, used at room temperature or heating. When heating, it should be placed on the asbestos net to make the heating even.

3. Measuring cylinder: measure the volume of liquid. Note that it cannot be heated or used as a reaction vessel.

4. Gas cylinder: used to collect or store a small amount of gas.

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5. Alcohol lamp: used for heating. Note: After the alcohol lamp is used up, it must be extinguished with the lamp cap and not blown with the mouth; it is absolutely forbidden to add alcohol to the burning alcohol lamp to avoid fire, and it is absolutely forbidden to use the alcohol lamp to ignite another alcohol lamp.

6. Test tube clamp: used to clamp test tube.

7. Glass rod: used for drainage when stirring or transferring liquid.

8. Plastic dropper: used to absorb and drip a small amount of liquid, wash it off immediately after use, and then attract other drugs.

9. Dropping bottle: used to hold liquid medicine. The dropper used on the dropper bottle does not need to be cleaned.

10. Iron stand: used to fix and support various instruments, generally used for filtering, heating and other experimental operations.

11. Water tank: An instrument used to collect gas by drainage method or to hold a large amount of water. It cannot be heated.

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12. Burning spoon: Burning spoon is riveted by iron wire and copper spoon. It is used to hold combustible solid materials for burning test, especially the burning reaction of materials in gas.

13. Tray balance: used to weigh the quality of medicines.

14. Flat-bottomed flasks, round-bottomed flasks: often used as reaction vessels.

15. Erlenmeyer flask: often used as a reaction vessel.

16. Rubber plug with conduit: generally connect the generating device and collecting device when making gas.

17. Jars: generally used to hold solid medicines in the laboratory.

18. Flask: generally used to hold liquid medicine in the laboratory.


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