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Common methods of microscope
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Common methods of microscope

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The common laboratory equipment in scientific laboratories is a microscope, especially in exploratory experiments. However, in view of the fact that many students do not have a deep understanding of the use of microscopes, they cannot complete the experimental observation work well. In order to allow teachers and students to have a clear understanding of scientific laboratory equipment, the following briefly introduces some common methods of microscopes.

1. Microscope taking and placement

(1) Hold the microscope base with the left hand and hold the arm of the microscope with the right hand;

(2) Put the microscope on the scientific experiment table, and install the eyepiece and objective lens.

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2. Align the light hole

(1)Rotate the converter of the microscope to align the low power objective lens with the light hole;

(2)Aim a larger aperture at the light hole. The left eye looks into the eyepiece. Then slowly rotate the reflector to reflect the light into the lens barrel through the light hole. Through the eyepiece, you can see the bright white field of vision.

3. Experimental observation

(1) Place the glass slide specimen to be observed on the stage and press it with the press clamp, and the specimen should be directly facing the center of the light hole;

(2) Rotate the coarse focusing screw to slowly lower the lens barrel until the objective lens is close to the slide specimen;

(3) Look into the eyepiece with the left eye, and at the same time turn the coarse collimation screw in the opposite direction to make the lens barrel rise slowly until the object image is clearly seen. Turn the fine focus screw slightly to make the image of the object more clear.

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(4) Use of high magnification objective lens: Before using high magnification objective lens, you need to find the observed object image with low magnification objective lens and adjust it to the center of the field of view, then turn the converter to change the high magnification lens. After switching to a high-power lens, the brightness in the field of view becomes darker, so generally choose a larger aperture and use the concave surface of the mirror, and then adjust the fine focus spiral. The number of objects to be viewed decreases, but the volume becomes larger.

4. Finish the experiment

After the experiment, wipe the surface of the scientific laboratory equipment microscope. Rotate the converter, shift the two objective lenses to the sides, and slowly lower the lens barrel to a lower position, and place the reflector vertically. Then put the microscope into the mirror box and return it to its original place.

The microscope is an indispensable laboratory equipment in the scientific laboratory. To use and play the role of the microscope correctly, you need to have a firm grasp of its use method.


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