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Ultrasonic cell crusher wholesale

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  • Advantages of ultrasonic cell disrupter and problems that need attention


    Advantages of ultrasonic cell disrupter and problems that need attentionDuring the development of the ultrasonic cell pulverizer, it is characterized by high-activity pulverization of cells, which improves the efficiency of sample processing and the broken rate of bacterial cells. Once the sample is Read More
  • Characteristics and parameters of ultrasonic cytometer


    1. Structural features of ultrasonic cell disruptor:(1) The ultrasonic probe is made of imported titanium alloy material(2) High energy efficiency transducer(3) The amplitude is automatically adjusted to keep the amplitude consistent under different load conditions(4) Set ultrasonic interval time(5) Read More
  • Principle and function of ultrasonic cell disruptor


    Principle and function of ultrasonic cell disruptorThe ultrasonic cell disruptor converts electrical energy into sound energy through a transducer. This energy is transformed into dense small bubbles through the liquid medium. These small bubbles burst rapidly and produce energy like small bombs. Th Read More
  • Ultrasonic cell crusher can choose a variety of probes


    Ultrasonic cell crusher can choose a variety of probesThe effects of ultrasound on cells are mainly thermal, cavitation and mechanical effects. The ultrasonic cell pulverizer uses the dispersion effect of ultrasonic waves in the liquid to cause the liquid to produce cavitation, thereby breaking the Read More


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