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Problems that need attention in laboratory design and planning
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Problems that need attention in laboratory design and planning

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The scientific planning and construction of laboratories can continuously improve the effective utilization of student chemistry laboratories and better serve the experimental staff.

1. The layout of the experimental bench

(1) In natural lighting, it is not advisable to parallel the exterior wall with the daylighting window, because when people face the window, there is glare, and the back and the surface produce shadows...

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(2) The processing pipeline stage should be considered when setting up the central island. Several cases are listed as follows:

① Digging a trench on the floor and adding a cover plate, there are some leakage and liquid accumulation problems, but it is easy to manage and maintain.

②The floor is directly buried. When there is a problem, it needs to be repaired and replaced, which will affect the surrounding area.

③There is leakage through the floor, high-precision instruments should not be installed downstairs, which is inconvenient for maintenance.

④The suspension type is too ugly, influencing and beautiful.

(3) The spacing between substitutes is required.

2. The scale requirements of the experimental bench

(1) The length of the laboratory bench is allocated: generally 1.2 meters per person in the laboratory; 1.5 meters per person in the organic combination laboratory.

(2) Table height: 850 mm in China; America and Germany (900~920 mm; 800 mm in Japan).

(3) Table width: ≥600mm, try not to exceed 750mm (maximum paper utilization).

(4) Double-sided center station meter: 1500 mm.

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3. The combination of test bench

(1) As far as possible, the test bench should adopt the overall countertop and standard cabinet combination, reduce the joints of the countertop, ensure the overall beauty of the test bench, facilitate debugging and improve the construction progress...

(2) Width of the recessed part: (600~1100) mm.

(3) Reagent rack: Two medium-sized reagent bottles (500mL) can be placed side by side with depth. Usually (200~300)mm, divided into two layers.

(4) Side table against the wall: 200 mm. The reagent rack of the central station is 300mm.


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