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  • Planning requirements for special laboratories


    Planning requirements for special laboratories1. Spectral analysis room(1) Processing with the sample: There is a sink, bench, fume hood, etc.(2) Instrument room (spectrum room): room temperature (20±5) ℃, humidity (65±5)%.(3) Ventilation: There is a local exhaust hood on the upper part of the instr Read More
  • Problems that need attention in laboratory design and planning


    Problems that need attention in laboratory design and planningThe scientific planning and construction of laboratories can continuously improve the effective utilization of student chemistry laboratories and better serve the experimental staff.1. The layout of the experimental bench(1) In natural li Read More
  • What are the material choices of the laboratory all-steel test bench


    What are the material choices of the laboratory all-steel test benchIn the process of using the experimental bench, various large instruments are often placed, and the square steel material makes the entire experimental bench structure stronger, even if the heavier experimental instruments (as long Read More
  • Laboratory waste pretreatment and recycling methods


    Laboratory waste pretreatment and recycling methods1. Recovery method(1) RecyclingThe large amount of organic waste liquid produced in the experiment can be recovered by distillation, and can be reused under the premise of meeting the requirements; some precious metals can be recovered by precipitat Read More
  • Laboratory safety issues


    Laboratory safety issues1. Fire protectionAlcohol lamps, electric stoves and other fire-producing tools are often used in laboratories. Carelessness of these tools may cause fires. Therefore, when using these things, we should pay attention to stay away from combustibles and combustion-supporting ma Read More


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