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What are the material choices of the laboratory all-steel test bench
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What are the material choices of the laboratory all-steel test bench

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In the process of using the experimental bench, various large instruments are often placed, and the square steel material makes the entire experimental bench structure stronger, even if the heavier experimental instruments (as long as they do not exceed their carrying weight) are placed Will cause any impact on the test bench.

The test bench not only has requirements for materials, but also has high requirements for convenience in use. Its handles and slide rails have been treated with high-temperature spray paint, which can not only prevent acid and alkali corrosion, but also There will be no noise in the process of use; of course, the appearance of zero noise also makes the whole experiment process more beneficial. You must know that in a laboratory with a relatively special environment, the appearance of loud noise is very likely to be Bring more or less impact to the experimental results, so the use of all-steel test bench can avoid this from happening.

The test bench can be divided into: all-steel test bench, steel-wood test bench, all-wood test bench, aluminum-wood test bench. At present, all-steel test benches are mostly used. The following introduces how to choose the material of all-steel test benches.

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1. Test bench frame: generally use C-shaped square steel, reliable welding, after pickling, phosphating and electrophoresis, the surface of the test bench is sprayed with epoxy resin high-pressure electrostatic powder and cured at high temperature. It has good anti-corrosion performance, compact and strong, strong bearing capacity.

2. Test bench surface: generally use epoxy resin board, solid core physical and chemical board, ceramic board, marble board, Trespa board, stainless steel board, etc. The surface is technically treated, smooth and pore-free, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, milling Treatment, corrosion resistance and water resistance of the countertop have reached the fine standards of the laboratory industry.

3. Test bench box: The main structure adopts a fixed metal cabinet to directly support the table. The cabinet of the test bench is generally made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and epoxy resin electrostatic powder spraying after external pickling and phosphating.

4. Test bench door panel and drawer panel: generally use high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is degreasing and phosphated and sprayed with electrostatic powder. The structure of the test bench is double-layer hollow reinforced, and there are no exposed rivets and screws in the drawer.

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5. Test bench slide rails: generally use three-section silent slide rails, treated with high-temperature spraying anti-acid and alkali paint, can resist acid and alkali, corrosion, pumping light and smooth without noise, high strength, can be used normally more than 50,000 times, long-term load is not Deformed.

6. Hinge: Use laboratory-specific high-strength nylon hinges, with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong load-bearing capacity, load-bearing capacity of more than 75kg, wear resistance, no rust and other excellent performance, no damage after opening more than 50,000 times. No noise, no rebound, no break.

7. Handle: There are mainly all-steel, aluminum alloy or handles developed by various manufacturers and matched with the experimental bench.

8. The foot of the experimental platform: the foot of the stainless steel and nylon is used, and the height can be adjusted from 30mm to 50mm.

9. Screws: Nylon and stainless steel screws are used, which are firm, good-looking and durable.


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