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Precautions for daily laboratory work
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Precautions for daily laboratory work

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1.Before starting work in the laboratory, you should understand where the gas main valve, water valve and electric gate are located. When leaving the laboratory, be sure to check the room again, turn off the water and electrical switches, and lock the doors and windows.

2. When opening the high-pressure gas cylinder, the operator must stand on the side of the gas cylinder outlet, the gas cylinder should be upright, and then slowly turn the bottle opening valve. The gas must be decompressed by the pressure reducing valve, and not directly vented. When opening and closing the high-pressure gas cylinder valve, use your hands or a special wrench. Do not use chisel, pliers and other tools to hardly pull the valve to prevent damage to the valve. When working with gas cylinders containing flammable, explosive and toxic gases, good ventilation should be ensured, and dedicated personnel should be responsible for use and maintenance. Do not use up all the gas in the cylinder, and have residual pressure. Generally, it should be about, at least not less than


3. When using electrical equipment (for example, ovens, constant temperature water baths, centrifuges, electric furnaces, etc.), be sure to prevent electric shock; never switch electric switches and electrical switches with wet hands or when you are looking away. Before use, first use a test pencil to check whether the electrical equipment is leaking. If the instrument is leaking, it cannot be used.

4. When using combustibles, especially combustibles (such as ether, acetone, ethanol, benzene, sodium metal, etc.), you should be especially careful. Don't put a lot on the table, let alone near the flame. Only when away from the fire source or after the flame is extinguished, should Ke dump a large amount of flammable liquid. Organic solvents with low boiling points are not allowed to be heated directly on the fire, and can only be heated or distilled on a water bath with a reflux condenser.

5. The use of concentrated acid and alkali must be handled extremely carefully to prevent splashing. When using a pipette to measure these reagents, you must use a rubber ball, never use your mouth. If it accidentally splashes on the test bench or the ground, it must be wiped clean with a damp cloth in time. If it touches the skin, it should be treated immediately.

6. If a considerable amount of flammable liquid is accidentally poured out, it should be handled as follows:

(1) Turn off all fire sources and electric heaters in the room immediately.

(2) Close the door, open the small windows and windows.

(3) Wipe the spilled liquid with a towel or rag, and screw the liquid into a large container, and then pour it into a glass bottle with a stopper.


7. Residues of flammable and explosive substances (such as metallic sodium, white phosphorus, match heads) shall not be poured into the dirt bucket or sink, and should be collected in designated containers.

8. Waste liquid, especially strong acids and alkalis cannot be poured directly into the sink. It should be diluted first, then poured into the sink, and then rinse the sink and sewer with a lot of tap water.

9. Poisons should be collected after going through the approval procedures in accordance with the regulations of the laboratory, strictly operate during use, and handle properly after use.

10. When operating with an oil bath, be careful to heat it and measure it continuously with a thermometer, and do not make the temperature exceed the burning temperature of the oil.

Summary:The above are the precautions for the daily work of the laboratory! The editor can't help reminding again: pay attention to fire and electricity, acid and alkali during work. After all, ensuring laboratory safety is everyone's shared responsibility!


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