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The articles shown below are all about the laboratory equipment for chemistry, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the laboratory equipment for chemistry. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these laboratory equipment for chemistry articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • Safety knowledge and precautions for laboratory supplies


    Safety knowledge and precautions for laboratory supplies1. Safety protection when using chemicals(1) Antivirus1) Before the experiment, you should understand the toxicity and protective measures of the drugs used.2) The handling of toxic gases (such as H2S, CI2, Br2, NO2, concentrated HCI and HF, et Read More
  • Laboratory equipment placement standards


    Laboratory equipment placement standards1. There must be no safety hazards in equipment placementThe hidden safety hazards in the laboratory are nothing more than fire, gas, and flood explosions. If they are stored together, they should be stored separately. For example, equipment and electrical app Read More
  • Precautions for daily laboratory work


    Precautions for daily laboratory work1. Before starting work in the laboratory, you should understand where the gas main valve, water valve and electric gate are located. When leaving the laboratory, be sure to check the room again, turn off the water and electrical switches, and lock the doors and Read More
  • Common sense of safe use of electricity in the laboratory


    Common sense of safe use of electricity in the laboratory1. Common sense of safe electricity useIllegal use of electricity may often cause serious accidents such as personal injury and death, damage to equipment and equipment. Physical and chemical laboratories use more electrical appliances, and sp Read More
  • How to save energy consumption in the laboratory


    How to save energy consumption in the laboratoryBy improving the use method and use environment of the facilities, the effect of reducing energy saving and consumption in the experimental training room is achieved.First of all, the following methods can be adopted for the use of luminaires and air c Read More
  • How to choose laboratory equipment


    How to choose laboratory equipmentWith the progress of today's society and the development of science and technology, new types of inspection and testing laboratory equipment are constantly updated. At present, because many laboratories still use some outdated laboratory equipment, they can no longe Read More
  • Principle of Illumination Control in Clean Room


    Principle of Illumination Control in Clean RoomSince most of the work content in the clean room has fine requirements, and they are all enclosed houses, there has always been a high demand for lighting. It is necessary to first explain the lighting method of the windowless clean room:1. General ligh Read More
  • Safety precautions in winter laboratory


    Safety precautions in winter laboratoryIn winter, the weather becomes colder and drier, and many laboratory safety hazards also arise. In this season, when you enter the laboratory, prepare for the experiment, or complete the experiment, do you know what to pay attention to? Do you know how to prote Read More


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