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How to save energy consumption in the laboratory
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How to save energy consumption in the laboratory

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By improving the use method and use environment of the facilities, the effect of reducing energy saving and consumption in the experimental training room is achieved.


First of all, the following methods can be adopted for the use of luminaires and air conditioners in the experimental training room. Since the air-conditioning system of the experimental training room is closed, the staff cannot understand the situation in the laboratory in time. If heating throughout the day will cause trouble Necessary waste, so the electric heating energy-saving automatic control device in the experimental training room is an air-conditioning operating system to achieve automatic management. Its working principle is divided into the transmitter principle and the receiving circuit principle. The transmitter device uses the lighting in the laboratory as an indication Control signal, such as turning off the light when the laboratory staff leaves, the light sensor will send the unmanned signal to the amplifier and close the corresponding AND door; if someone comes in the laboratory, turn on the light, and the light sensor will send the signal again To the amplifier, open the corresponding AND gate. There are three advantages to sending signals in this way: one is to reduce the transition process and unreliable interference of the first and second oscillations of the controlled oscillator; the other is to relatively reduce the time to send the signal to Corresponding measures are taken in the receiver, information technology and control to reduce interference; third, because the time to send the signal only accounts for less than 4% of the entire time, the power pollution can be reduced to a minimum. The principle of the receiving circuit is that the frequency selective amplifier is used in The power grid selects the carrier signal and detects it, including, limiting, shaping, and filtering out the interference signal with insufficient pulse brightness through the frequency selector. In order to solve the temperature change in the laboratory when no one is in the experimental training room It should not be too large, the laboratory can also reach the lower limit of the constant temperature temperature, and such a device also has a start-up delay circuit, that is, the delay execution circuit within 10 minutes after turning on the air-conditioning facility can not be controlled by the signal of the counter, and The electric heater is automatically turned on for a period of time after it is turned off, so that the lower limit of the temperature in the constant temperature room can be guaranteed.


In order to further improve the level of control, you can also add a timer to the device to turn on and off air-conditioning facilities such as blowers at regular intervals. Self-check equipment should also be added to the device to regularly check whether each facility is working properly. If there is a problem, an alarm will be automatically issued. , Notify the staff, this can ensure the safety of the facility. If there is such a device in the laboratory, we can calculate based on the data to see if it is beneficial. According to the market price, the installation of such a device will cost about 2,000 yuan. The room area of the training room is 1000 square meters, and the current electrical industry department is at the peak of 0.975/kw/h, so it will cost about 700,320 yuan per day; if you calculate according to the electric heating automatic control device, you can save about 50kw/h per day. If there are 20 working days per month, then 355,875 yuan can be saved a year. Through calculations, it can be found that the installation of such a device can greatly improve the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction. The second aspect is that we study the energy saving of power facilities in experimental training. To reduce consumption, use the power monitoring system to monitor and observe the electrical equipment in the training center of Yiwu Vocational and Technical College of Industry and Commerce, and process the obtained data with excel. We can see very obvious phenomena. Various applications are used in the startup and running states. The thermal energy generated by electrical equipment is very large. It is the most significant change in the air conditioner and the heat generated will cause waste. Therefore, if we can reduce the generation of energy in the laboratory, we can further save energy and reduce consumption.  First of all, we can reduce a lot of heat generation by using the above methods. Secondly, we can install a temperature sensing system in the laboratory. When the temperature is within a certain range, the air conditioner and some electrical equipment are in standby mode to reduce power consumption and heat generation.


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