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How to choose laboratory equipment

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With the progress of today's society and the development of science and technology, new types of inspection and testing laboratory equipment are constantly updated. At present, because many laboratories still use some outdated laboratory equipment, they can no longer meet the requirements of inspection and testing. Moreover, there are many outdated The inspection and testing equipment of China has not been produced and maintained by manufacturers, and accessories cannot be found. Therefore, if the laboratory wants to have a place in the field of testing and testing in the future, it must keep up with the pace of the new era, be brave in innovation, and fully mobilize the vitality and competitiveness of the laboratory, so that the laboratory's inspection and testing capabilities will continue Make greater improvements in innovation.

Laboratory equipment

The laboratory continuously invests funds to maintain the update of inspection and testing equipment, and at the same time, in order to avoid the phenomenon of only paying attention to the purchase of high-end inspection and testing equipment, and neglecting the training of new inspection and testing equipment (that is, there is no Fully consider the environmental requirements, use functions and technical parameters of the inspection and testing instruments and equipment corresponding to the inspection items to absorb future instrument upgrades and compatibility with existing laboratory instruments), resulting in unnecessary waste. Therefore, to achieve social and economic benefits.

Under the premise of a win-win goal, it is necessary to appropriately use limited funds to purchase equipment suitable for inspection and testing equipment.

1. Performance and price comparison

After confirming the purchase of the experimental equipment for the test items, it should be easier to consult the manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory equipment with the same technical parameters. There are two points to note: First, don't just see product samples and promotional materials provided by suppliers. At present, manufacturers and suppliers are becoming more and more.

Many, some manufacturers exaggerate their product performance indicators to exaggerate their advantages, and conceal their shortcomings, especially the service life, product upgrades, technical training, warranty period and after-sales service. Second, under the condition of reciprocity, priority should be given to whether the after-sales service system is perfect and whether it is a product of an actual company, because after a thousand years, the existence of this company depends on whether the product upgrade at that time can be more suitable. With the progress of the times, whether after-sales service can be provided (including the supply of accessories and consumables). Therefore, to compare the best performance-price ratio, inspection and testing instruments from multiple manufacturers or suppliers are needed. In addition, the prerequisite for the qualification of the experimental equipment of the manufacturer and the supplier is: to have the corresponding qualification certificate and provide the corresponding measurement verification certificate.


2 Economic and social benefits

Under the conditions of a market economy, how to make the invested funds return as soon as possible, or get big benefits in a short time, so it is very necessary to conduct a detailed investigation and analysis of the current inspection projects, from the perspective of economic benefits The important issue is the establishment of inspection items and the selection of equipment. However, the current market situation cannot meet the future market needs, which must be considered. Because today's scientific and technological progress and social development are getting faster and faster, the competition between laboratories is also becoming increasingly fierce. If the investment can be recovered and benefits can be obtained in the short term, or the purchased laboratory equipment has a corresponding improvement space Only use the device, otherwise, it should be carefully considered. Although the new inspection and testing equipment does not currently have significant economic benefits, it can bring new users, improve the social visibility of the laboratory, and enhance the overall image of the laboratory, reflecting the importance of food safety and personal health to the national economy and people’s livelihood. And socially stable inspection and testing items, and improve the customer's recognition of laboratory testing capabilities and professional technical level. Although these benefits are not direct economic benefits, they cannot be ignored.

3 Whether the reliability of the instrument can meet the requirements of use

Now most of the inspection and testing equipment must use computer technology to support the intelligent interface. This also shows that a large number of electronic components and mechanical equipment such as ultra-large-scale integrated chips and relays need to be connected to each other. We all understand that the greater the number of modules, the higher the failure rate of the instrument, and the lower the overall reliability. High-quality products should be designed with reliability and automatic protection functions (such as overload protection, limit Protection, etc.), and should use high-quality, long-life components that have been formed through aging experiments, and pass strict environmental tests, vibration, and weather resistance tests before leaving the factory. Therefore, operators can rest assured to move the equipment and conduct field experiments. In summary, when purchasing inspection equipment, one should understand the reliability of the experimental equipment and conduct on-site inspections of the manufacturer or supplier (for example, the manufacturer's process design, production conditions, storage and transportation, and factory inspection).

4.Pay attention to operating costs

Some of the operating costs are unforeseeable. We should pay attention to operating costs before purchasing equipment. Because this is related to whether the experimental equipment can operate normally (including personnel training, low-value consumables, accessories, fixtures, and maintenance equipment costs incurred during normal operation, such as equipment depreciation costs, laboratory equipment verification costs, The cost of future expansion and upgrade of equipment and equipment, maintenance costs, necessary consumables and maintenance costs, as well as water and electricity costs, etc.), the above costs cannot be underestimated, and sometimes even the use cost is several times the selling price of the equipment, so it should be special Give attention. In addition, the efficiency of inspection and testing equipment should also be considered. Time is also money.

5 .Requirements for the use environment

It refers to whether the existing laboratory can meet the environmental conditions required by the purchased inspection and testing equipment. Before purchasing, ask the manufacturer or supplier in detail about the requirements of the use environment of the instrument and equipment, and only meet the requirements of the instrument and equipment (appropriate power and water source, drainage, space, temperature, relative humidity, ventilation, lighting, etc.)

Reliable testing data can be obtained if the existing laboratory cannot provide the necessary environmental conditions, and eliminate the harmful and harmful electric field, magnetic field interference, control the number of dust particles and reduce the interference factors such as vibration). , Its laboratory must be modified in advance to meet the environmental requirements of laboratory equipment begging. In particular, it is pointed out that the space and height of the laboratory equipment and the necessary technical guarantees during installation and commissioning: such as whether the newly purchased laboratory equipment can easily enter and exit the door and aisle of the laboratory, the elevator room space and the carrying capacity Whether it meets the requirements for the transportation of laboratory equipment, whether the ground load-bearing capacity of the laboratory can meet the requirements for use, the foundation screws should be reserved, whether the power distribution capacity of the power supply is sufficient, and whether the placement of laboratory equipment can meet the repair and maintenance requirements. The suction equipment needs to be protected from light.

The above is just an analysis of a few frequently encountered problems. In actual operation, there are some problems of this and that. In short, it is necessary to avoid the risk of purchasing inapplicable laboratory equipment as much as possible, so that the purchased laboratory equipment can meet the needs of inspection and testing, so as to better play the value of inspection and testing in today's society, and have a stronger Competitiveness.


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