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Principle of Illumination Control in Clean Room
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Principle of Illumination Control in Clean Room

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Since most of the work content in the clean room has fine requirements, and they are all enclosed houses, there has always been a high demand for lighting. It is necessary to first explain the lighting method of the windowless clean room:

1.General lighting: It refers to the lighting set to illuminate the entire illuminated area without considering special local needs.

2. Local lighting: This refers to the lighting set to increase the illuminance of a designated place (such as a working point). However, local lighting is generally not used alone in indoor lighting.


3.Mixed lighting: This refers to the lighting in which the illuminance on the working surface is composed of general lighting and local lighting. The illuminance of general lighting should account for 10%-15% of the total illuminance according to the ``Clean Workshop Design Specification'', but not low Dry 150LX. The received luminous flux per unit illuminated area is the lighting unit lux (LX).

The strength requirements of foreign clean rooms are extremely high. For example, the requirements of several standards for clean rooms in the United States are.

Level 100: 1080-16001x

10000 level:> I000lx

100000 level:> 1000LX


Artificial light 300|x has a better effect, when the fineness of the workpiece is higher, 500x is also allowed. For places where red light is required, such as the lithography workshop in the electronics industry, the illuminance is generally 25-501x). Natural light can allow higher illuminance, which is beneficial to work. Therefore, in the future, the lighting of clean rooms is both The use of artificial light as well as natural light may be promising, which is also a trend for energy conservation.


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