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Laboratory equipment placement standards
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Laboratory equipment placement standards

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1. There must be no safety hazards in equipment placement

The hidden safety hazards in the laboratory are nothing more than fire, gas, and flood explosions. If they are stored together, they should be stored separately. For example, equipment and electrical appliances that use water should be separated. Equipment that is prone to explosion and flammable products Should be placed separately.


2. The placement of the equipment cannot affect its operation

This phenomenon is mainly caused by balances. For ordinary balances, there is no problem, but for balances with high accuracy, attention must be paid. Because it will be affected by the external environment, it is best to have a special balance room installed on the sky platform at the same time, so as to ensure the accuracy of the weighing results.

3. The use of equipment must not affect the operation of other equipment

This situation is mainly for large-scale equipment and valuable equipment. Generally, it is easy to cause the stability of other equipment during the operation of large-scale equipment, so this equipment should be placed separately.

4. The placement of the equipment cannot affect the testing environment

This kind of environment is mainly required for humidity and temperature. For example, an oven cannot be placed in a room with a temperature requirement, and a room with a humidity requirement cannot be placed with water and evaporating equipment.


5. The use of equipment must not damage the environment

Many equipments are easy to pollute the environment because of their special testing items, so they should be placed in an environment with ventilation facilities, such as fume hoods and fume cupboards.

Conclusion:For laboratory equipment, only reasonable distribution can ensure the accuracy of the test results. You must understand their performance and service objects before installation to reduce the occurrence of danger. First of all, it should meet the standards of fire safety, and then reasonably partition the laboratory according to the nature of the laboratory. The experimental area, the office area, the living area, and the experimental area are polluted and semi-polluted. There must be warehouses, adequate protection of water and electricity, waste and sewage treatment measures, and various protective measures and signs for experimenters.


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