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What safety matters should the laboratory pay attention to
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What safety matters should the laboratory pay attention to

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The safety items that the laboratory should pay attention to are as follows:

1. When handling dangerous chemicals, please be sure to abide by the operating rules or follow the teacher's operating procedures or conduct experiments; do not change the experimental procedures by yourself.

2. When receiving drugs, confirm whether the name on the container is the required experimental drug.

3. When receiving drugs, please read the drug hazard labels and drawings; whether there are any hazards.

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4. The use of volatile organic solvents, strong acids and alkalis, highly corrosive, and toxic drugs must be operated under special fume hoods and desktop smoking pipes.

5. Organic solvents, solid chemicals, acid and alkali compounds must be stored separately. Volatile chemicals must be stored in a medicine cabinet with an exhaust device.

6. Highly volatile or easily oxidized chemicals must be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

7. Avoid doing dangerous experiments in the laboratory alone.

8. If an unsupervised experiment is required, the experimental device must have considerable consideration for fire protection, explosion protection, and waterproof disasters, and the laboratory light must be turned on, and the contact person's phone number and possibility for emergency handling shall be left on the door The disaster caused.

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9. Dangerous experiments must be approved by the laboratory director, and only two or more people are present. Dangerous experiments are strictly prohibited during holidays and night.

10. Experiments with hazardous gases must be carried out in a fume hood.

11. When conducting experiments that are harmful to humans such as radioactivity and laser, strict safety measures should be formulated and personal protection should be done.

12. Please clearly label the waste liquid or expired liquid or waste according to the classification. The waste (liquid) after the use of the medicine is strictly prohibited to be poured into a sink or ditch, and should be recycled in a special collection container.


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