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What are the main classifications of reagent bottles
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What are the main classifications of reagent bottles

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Reagents cannot be stored without external packaging reagent bottles, and different reagents need to be stored in plastic packaging. Commonly used reagent storage containers are generally stored in glass reagent bottles. Reagent bottles can be divided into glass bottles and plastic bottles in terms of material. In terms of the types of reagents stored and stored, the bottle mouths mainly have screw mouth and frosted mouth.

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The reagent bottles mainly include: ground-mouth reagent bottles, wide-mouth reagent bottles, screw-mouth reagent bottles, chemical reagent bottles, etc. Some reagents need to be stored in plastic reagent bottles. For example, hydrofluoric acid is an aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride, which is highly corrosive. Hydrofluoric acid can dissolve glass (silica) that many other acids cannot dissolve, but it does not react with plastics. Therefore, plastic reagent bottles are generally used to contain hydrofluoric acid. The solid caustic soda, soda lime and other reagent containers also use plastic reagent bottles, and the wash bottles containing distilled water also use PET plastic reagent bottles.

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Reagent bottles are mainly divided into narrow-mouth bottles and wide-mouth bottles in terms of shape. They are divided into colorless and brown in terms of color. Wide-mouth bottles contain solid medicines, brown bottles contain solids that are easy to decompose when exposed to light, and narrow-mouth bottles contain liquids. , The brown narrow-mouth bottle contains liquid that is easy to decompose when exposed to light. The stopper is selected to meet the standard stopper specifications for the pH of the solid and the solution.


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