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What are the commonly used equipment in chemical laboratories
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What are the commonly used equipment in chemical laboratories

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Commonly used equipment in chemical laboratories are:

1. Beaker: A beaker refers to a common laboratory glassware made of glass, plastic, or heat-resistant glass. The beaker has a cylindrical shape with a notch on one side of the top for easy pouring of liquid. The beaker is widely used for heating, dissolving, mixing, boiling, melting, evaporation, concentration, dilution and precipitation clarification of chemical reagents.

2. Measuring cylinder: Measuring cylinder is an instrument for measuring the volume of liquid. The specifications are expressed by the maximum capacity (mL) of the energy level. Commonly used are 10 mL, 25 mL, 50 mL, 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, 1000 mL, etc. The scales on the outer wall are all in mL. Each cell of a 10 mL graduated cylinder represents 0.2 mL, and each cell of a 50 mL graduated cylinder represents 1 mL.

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3. Test tube: Test tube, a commonly used instrument in chemical laboratories, used as a reaction container for a small amount of reagents. It should be used at room temperature or when it is heated (preheat before heating, otherwise the test tube may burst easily.). Test tubes are divided into ordinary test tubes, test tubes with branches, and centrifuge test tubes. The specifications of ordinary test tubes are expressed by outer diameter (mm) × length (mm), such as 15×150, 18×180, 20×200, etc.

4. Alcohol lamp: Alcohol lamp is a heating tool using alcohol as fuel, which is widely used in laboratories, factories, medical treatment, scientific research, etc. Because it does not produce smoke during the combustion process, it can also achieve the purpose of sterilization by burning the instrument. And because of the heat generated during the burning of the alcohol lamp, other experimental materials can be heated. Its heating temperature reaches above 400-1000℃.

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5. Burette: Burette refers to a measuring device that holds the titrant solution in the titration operation. The burette is a kind of slender, uniform inner diameter and graduated glass tube. The lower end of the tube has a glass tip with different volumes such as 25ml and 50ml.


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