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The working principle and use of vortex mixer
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The working principle and use of vortex mixer

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The vortex mixer is a laboratory instrument that cleverly combines oscillation and vortex. It can be applied to a variety of mixing and vortex oscillation operations, making the experiment more convenient and faster.

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Working principle and use:

The vortex mixer uses eccentric rotation to make the liquid in the test tube and other containers generate a vortex, so as to achieve the purpose of fully mixing the solution. The characteristic of this instrument is that the mixing speed is fast, thorough, and the liquid is in a vortex shape. It can mix all the test liquids attached to the tube wall. Dissolved drugs such as erythromycin.

The dyeing liquid is also easy to mix, and the effect is remarkable. The mixed liquid does not need electric stirring and magnetic stirring, so the mixed liquid is not affected by external pollution and magnetic fields. Therefore, as a powerful auxiliary tool for laboratory analysis, it is widely used in environmental monitoring, medical and health, petrochemical, food, metallurgy and other various universities, scientific research and production companies’ laboratories and laboratories for mixing and extraction.

Take it for use; for shaking culture of various samples such as biology, biochemistry, cells, and bacteria.

Instructions for use:

Before using the instrument, set the speed control knob to the minimum position and turn off the power switch.

When bottling containers, in order to make the instrument work with good balance performance and avoid large vibrations, all test bottles should be evenly distributed when bottling, and the contents of each bottle should be approximately equal. If the number of container bottles is insufficient, the test bottles can be placed symmetrically or filled with other test bottles of the same amount of solution to fill the empty spaces.

Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, slowly adjust the speed control knob to increase to the required speed.


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