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The selection principle of magnetic stirrer
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The selection principle of magnetic stirrer

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Due to the continuous efforts of many domestic enterprises, magnetic stirrers have become a wide variety of low-priced laboratory routine instruments and equipment, which enables our laboratories to have the ability to choose the magnetic stirrers they need. In the face of many types and different prices of magnetic stirrers on the market, how should we choose?

1.The principle of necessity

Magnetic stirrer

Carefully analyze your own application requirements, such as:

1) For applications that only need to be stirred at room temperature, choose a simple magnetic stirrer with only stirring function;

2) For applications that require stirring and heating at the same time, but the temperature requirements are not very strict, a standard heating magnetic stirrer needs to be selected;

3) If you still need to display the temperature in real time during the working process, select the digital display temperature heating magnetic stirrer;

4) If you still need to set the working time and stop working when the time is up, you can choose a timing magnetic stirrer;

5) If the heating temperature control requirements are strict, you have to choose a water bath heat collection magnetic stirrer. The water bath heat collection magnetic stirrer is equivalent to a standard heating magnetic stirrer with a water bath integrated on the chassis. We all know that water bath heating has the characteristics of uniform heat transfer, precise temperature control, and safe heating. Therefore, the water bath collector magnetic stirrer is particularly suitable for applications where temperature control requirements are strict and the bottom of the container (such as a flask) is difficult to be heated from the heating chassis;

6) If you need to accurately display the real-time speed during work, choose a digital display speed heating magnetic stirrer, but with this speed display function will greatly increase the price of the instrument, it is recommended to choose demanding research-level occasions Use;

7) If the volume of liquid to be stirred is large, a large-capacity magnetic stirrer should be selected. The stirring capacity of a conventional magnetic stirrer is generally below 2000mL;

8) If conventional electric stirring is required at the same time as magnetic stirring, you can choose an electric magnetic compound stirrer;

Magnetic stirrer

9) If there are complex requirements for the mixing characteristics, such as turning for a while and stopping for a while, forward turning for a while, reverse for a while, heating for a certain period of time, keeping temperature for a certain period of time, cooling for a certain period of time, low speed for a certain period of time High speed and so on, it is necessary to customize the intelligent program to control the magnetic stirrer, but the integration of so many complicated functions will make the price of the instrument rise sharply, and it is only recommended for extremely demanding research-level occasions. 

2. The principle of sufficiency

For your own application, choose the most suitable type, and avoid being idle and wasteful of certain functions due to the big picture. 

3. Economic principle

We can also see many imported magnetic stirrers on the market. One of their most significant features is that they are more expensive. Is the more expensive the better the quality? The answer is generally self-explanatory, but the problem is that these are often thousands of times. Are 10,000 (domestic-made magnetic stirrers generally hundreds of thousands) suitable for us? As you all know, with the continuous enhancement of China’s "world factory" role, the domestic magnetic stirrer market has developed rapidly in recent years. Through the tireless efforts of many companies, magnetic stirring technology has gradually become popular. The varieties of magnetic stirrers are constantly diversifying, but the prices are becoming more commonplace. 

Therefore, we also suggest to choose the Chinese-made magnetic stirrer with higher cost performance under the premise of meeting the needs and sufficiency.


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