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The importance of regular pipette cleaning
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The importance of regular pipette cleaning

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As a commonly used laboratory instrument in biological laboratories, pipettes are of great significance to be cleaned regularly:


During the experiment, the pipette often comes into contact with biological contamination, such as DNA, RNA, microorganisms, etc., without regular cleaning, it is easy to cause the experiment to be affected and fail. For example, PCR is afraid of DNA, RNA and other nucleic acid contamination, and cell culture is afraid Bacteria and mycoplasma pollution; in addition, experimenters are also afraid that these biologically dangerous pollutants will harm their health;


In the experiment, the pipette inevitably comes into contact with corrosive liquids and liquids with high salt concentration. In the case of operating errors, the sample is sucked back into the pipette, corroding the piston, affecting the performance of the pipette, making the experimenter unable to obtain precision The pipetting results of the same will cause the study to fail;

The dirtier the pipette, the less no one loves to use and take care of it, resulting in a greatly reduced pipette life and unable to make the best use of it.


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