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The importance of laboratory equipment for school teaching
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The importance of laboratory equipment for school teaching

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School laboratory equipment is the basic teaching equipment that needs to be configured in primary and secondary schools. Laboratory equipment is mainly used in physical, chemical and biological laboratories (physics, chemistry, biology). In addition, some schools also have science laboratories and geographic laboratories. The importance of the configuration of various laboratory equipment to student teaching cannot be ignored.

1. Science laboratory

The configuration of laboratory equipment in each subject can allow students to participate in classroom teaching experiments, play a role in training students' hands-on ability, and can also enhance students' imagination of subject teaching.

Laboratory equipment

2. Biological laboratory

The self-control of teaching aids is a teaching method used in laboratories of various disciplines. In addition to cultivating hands-on ability, it is also an important manifestation of student learning quality education.

Laboratory equipment

3. Physics Laboratory

The practical operation of laboratory equipment can effectively cultivate students' learning autonomy, improve the atmosphere of learning interest, and create a good learning environment and form a healthy development.


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