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The difference between measuring cup and measuring cylinder
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The difference between measuring cup and measuring cylinder

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1. The definition of measuring cup and measuring cylinder is different

Measuring cup: The measuring cup is a measuring (symbol) measuring device, which is used to measure the volume of liquid discharged from the measuring device. The volume of the discharged liquid is the volume number read from the scale value when the liquid is in the measuring device.

Measuring cylinder: A measuring cylinder is a glass instrument used to measure liquids. A measuring cylinder is an instrument for measuring the volume of a liquid.

2. The specifications of the measuring cup and the measuring cylinder are different

Measuring Cup: There are three common types of funnel-shaped stainless steel measuring cups: 14ml/28ml, 25ml/42ml, 28ml/56ml. It is one of the necessary tools for bartending, and visual inspection cannot replace the measuring cup.

There are 2 types of measuring cups. When facing the index table, the measuring cup pour nozzle to the right, which is convenient for left-hand operation, which is called a left-handed measuring cup. With the pouring nozzle to the left, it is called a right-hand measuring cup. Measuring cups within 250 mL are left-handed, and those over 500 mL are right-handed.

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Measuring cylinder: Generally there are 5mL, 10mL, 25mL, 50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1000mL and other specifications.

Extended information

The accuracy of the measuring cylinder:

The measuring cylinder is a rough measure, and its accuracy. If the smallest scale of a graduated cylinder with a range of 5mL is 0.1mL, the accuracy is 0.1mL; if the smallest scale of a graduated cylinder with a range of 10mL is 0.2mL, the accuracy is 0.2mL.

The smallest graduation of a graduated cylinder with a range of 50 mL is 1 mL, and its accuracy is 1 mL and so on. The common and more accurate measuring cylinder can only record to one effective value after the decimal point[2], such as 7.2mL. Generally, it is not necessary to estimate, and there is no conclusion.

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1. It cannot be used as a reaction vessel and cannot be heated. The measuring cylinder is a glassware. Heating will deform it, thereby affecting its accuracy. In particular, repeated long-term heating and high-temperature heating can not dilute concentrated acids and alkalis, especially corrosive liquids.

In addition, although glass is an inert material, it is not without activity. Certain strong acids and bases, especially strong bases, will still corrode it. Therefore, measuring cylinders stored for a long time or used for a long time are also inaccurate.

2. The medicine cannot be stored. The measuring cylinder is a measuring device, not a container, and not suitable for storing liquids.

3. It is not energy to take hot solution. If the amount is too hot or too cold, it is inaccurate. It cannot be cleaned with decontamination powder to avoid scratching the scale.


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