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Reagent consumables management

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The entire process of laboratory reagent management is divided into procurement, acceptance, storage, and use. Let me briefly explain how to do these steps to facilitate better management of laboratory reagents, and improve the success rate and effectiveness of laboratory tests. Reduce laboratory costs and ensure the personal safety of test personnel.

1. Purchasing

The laboratory reagent administrator should fill in the reagent purchase application according to the requirements of the inspection project, workload and work progress, and after the relevant person in charge review, the laboratory director (or other relevant administrator) approves it and submits it to the purchasing department for purchase. Select qualified suppliers from the list of qualified suppliers to purchase. The purchase application shall include the reagent name, specification model, reagent grade (chromatographic purity, superior grade purity, analytical grade, etc.), quantity, etc. The list of qualified suppliers needs to be reviewed regularly, and unqualified suppliers are eliminated in time.

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2. Acceptance

After the purchased reagents arrive, the relevant person in charge is responsible for organizing the testing room personnel to check the label, certificate or other certification documents of the reagent according to its nature and test type, evaluate the usability, and review whether the reagent meets the corresponding standards and specifications. Requirements, whether it can meet the needs of testing work. The specific acceptance method shall be in accordance with the reagent acceptance method formulated by each laboratory, and the acceptance record shall be filled in. In addition, pay attention to two points: (1) The laboratory needs to prepare a specific reagent acceptance method operation instruction; (2) The acceptance record must contain the technical acceptance data of the reagent, such as: the boiling range of the petroleum ether measured, the blank acceptance and other judgment reagents Whether used in the test will affect the results.

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3. Storage

After the reagents are accepted, the storage is managed by the reagent manager, and the laboratory reagent account is filled in. The reagent manager configures corresponding storage facilities for storage according to the characteristics of the reagents (considering the toxicity of the reagents, stability to heat, air, and light, etc.). The reagent manager monitors the preservation environment according to the facility and environmental management procedures to ensure that the culture medium and reagents do not deteriorate, are not damaged, and do not reduce performance. In addition, please note: (1) The main contents of the reagent account include: reagent name, specification model, production batch number, expiration date, manufacturer, warehousing quantity, outgoing quantity, inventory, etc.; (2) Storage facilities are labeled: flammable , Corrosion, highly toxic, etc.

4. Use

When laboratory testing personnel use newly opened reagents, they should check their quality. Any reagents with obvious changes in physical state, precipitation, discoloration, etc. shall not be used. Test personnel must use and prepare reagents in strict accordance with the requirements of the test method, fill in the reagent preparation record in time when preparing the reagent, and the relevant reagent preparation personnel must have a signature, and fill in the "reagent identification" and paste it on the reagent container. Quality supervisors supervise and inspect the use of reagents to ensure that the testers use reagents correctly.


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