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Radiation safety of laboratory safety
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Radiation safety of laboratory safety

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1.All source-related entities must apply for a permit and an environmental impact assessment to the higher-level competent authority before carrying out related work, and can carry out related work only after passing the environmental assessment and obtaining the permit.

2.Personnel engaged in radiological work must abide by radiation protection laws and regulations, accept occupational health monitoring and personal dose monitoring and management, and master radiation protection knowledge and relevant laws and regulations. They can only work after they have passed the radiation safety training held by qualified units and passed the assessment. . At the same time, radiation workers must hold training certificates, personal measurement test data, and health examination results to participate in the regular review by the superior health authority.

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3.Radiation workplaces must install anti-theft, fire-proof, and anti-leakage facilities to ensure the safe use of radioisotopes and radiation devices. Radiation warning signs and work signals must be placed at the entrance of isotope packaging containers, radioisotope-containing equipment, radiation devices, and radiation workplaces.

4.All source-related units should be equipped with necessary protective equipment and monitoring equipment, establish a sound safety inspection system, and regularly conduct safety inspections of radioisotopes, radiation devices and radiation workplaces used in laboratories, and make records. Relevant laboratories should regularly check the contamination status of the radiation surface and keep records. The inspection records shall be properly kept and shall be inspected and supervised by the school laboratory safety management department and superior departments.

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5. When purchasing radioactive sources, isotope reagents and radiation devices, you should first apply to the school. After reviewing and submitting to the Security Department for filing and approval, you can apply for a "purchase permit" to the government environmental department before entrusting the procurement department to purchase.

6. All source-related units shall establish and complete a registration system for the storage, acquisition and consumption of radioisotopes to ensure that their accounts are consistent. The experiment process must be done carefully and strictly in accordance with the operating procedures to ensure safety protection.

7. Radioactive waste (including isotope packaging containers) generated from isotope experiments, etc., shall not be treated as ordinary garbage without authorization. It must be declared to the school, and after the school’s approval, the school will ask a qualified company or unit for unified disposal.


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