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Precautions for the use of vortex mixer
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Precautions for the use of vortex mixer

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1. Requirements for the use of vortex mixer

(1) Use environment requirements:

① The work surface should be firm, flat and clean;

②There is no corrosive gas in the environment;

③Keep a good ventilation environment.

(2) Please do the inspection work before using the equipment:

①Please check if the accessories are complete;

②Check whether the supplied voltage meets the equipment requirements;

③Check whether the grounding equipment of the equipment is connected;

④ Check whether all components are damaged or replaced, so as not to affect the work.

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2. Tips for using vortex mixer

(1) Before using the vortex mixer, set the speed control knob to the minimum position and turn off the power switch.

(2) When bottling containers, in order to make the instrument work with good balance performance and avoid large vibrations, all test bottles should be evenly distributed when bottling, and the contents of each bottle should be approximately equal. If the number of container bottles is insufficient, the test bottles can be placed symmetrically or filled with other test bottles of the same amount of solution to fill the empty spaces.

(3) Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, slowly adjust the speed control knob to increase to the required speed.

3. Use of vortex mixer

(1) Put the vortex mixer on a stable working interface, turn on the power (220V50Hz), turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, and it can work.

(2) Put the test tube to be mixed upright by hand and gently press it on the rotating head of the sponge. After regular use, if the sponge is damaged, you can open the bottom plate and cut two sponges as they are, then stick them with glue and use them again. The instrument can be used to mix liquid media, the jog mode is used for the oscillation of a single test tube, and the continuous mode is used for the oscillation of single or multiple test tubes.

(3) Unplug the plug after the experiment to ensure safety.

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4. Precautions for the use of vortex mixer

(1) The working power supply provided by the user shall meet the specified requirements.

(2) When replacing the fuse, pull out the power cord from the socket, cut off the power supply, and replace the fuse of the same type.

(3) If the electrical part fails, it should be repaired by professionals.

(4) It is strictly forbidden to put your fingers into the movement gap during the operation of the machine.

(5) The machine is strictly prohibited to move during operation.

(6) The machine should be supervised when working at a high place.

(7) To clean the machine, unplug the power first.


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