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Precautions for magnetic stirrer
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Precautions for magnetic stirrer

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Precautions for magnetic stirrer:

1.Choose the appropriate magnetic stirrer according to the application;

2. When using the instrument for the first time, check the instrument's manual to check whether the parts it carries, such as stir bar, power cord, etc;

3. It is best to ground the instrument well when using it;

4. When putting the solution in the container, do not overfill it, and leave enough space to prevent the solution from spilling out during the mixing process and corroding the disk body;

5. When adjusting the speed, it should be gradually adjusted from low speed to high speed. It is best not to start directly from high speed, so as to avoid the agitator being out of synchronization and causing jumping move;

Magnetic stirrer

6. Medium-speed operation can extend the service life of the agitator;

7. If the stir bar beats or does not stir during stirring, please check whether the beaker is stable, the position is level, and the speed is appropriate;

8. The timing switch should not be turned too fast or too hard to avoid damage (only for models with timing function);

9. The height of the temperature measuring probe placed in the solution should be appropriate, so that the stir bar cannot collide with the probe to prevent damage to the probe. limit);

10. Ordinary heating magnetic stirrer can not be heated without stirring, and continuous heating above 70°C should not exceed 2 hours (water bath heat collecting magnetic stirrer does not have this limitation);

11. The instrument should be kept clean and dry, especially do not let the solution enter the machine. After use, the temperature measuring probe, stir bar, etc. should be cleaned, and the surface of the disk should be wiped clean with a clean cloth.


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