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Maintenance and use of magnetic stirrer
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Maintenance and use of magnetic stirrer

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1. Maintenance and precautions

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①The magnetic heating stirrer must be grounded reliably to ensure equipment and personal safety.

②When stirring, adjust the speed control knob slowly. Too fast adjustment will cause the stirring rotor to separate from the magnetic force of the magnetic steel and keep beating. The knob should be quickly moved to the stop position, after the stirring bar is stationary, slowly increase the speed of stirring, and gradually increase the speed steadily.

③If liquid falls on the aluminum plate on the surface of the heating plate, it will corrode the surface of the plate or generate heat and gas, which will affect the heating element and the motor. It is necessary to turn off the power immediately to remove it.

④Liquids with high viscosity at room temperature often have poor thermal conductivity (such as epoxy resin). When heating and stirring, it is not advisable to raise the temperature quickly to prevent the container from breaking. The constant temperature device should be fully utilized to gradually increase the temperature in stages, and the sensing element must be inserted into the external water jacket.

⑤Put the test bottle (or other utensils) containing the solution and stir bar on the top plate of the working surface.

⑥Turn on the external power supply, close the power switch, and the indicator light is on.

⑦Select heating, close the heating switch, the indicator light is on, it is heating state. Insert the sensor into the solution and adjust the temperature control knob to the required temperature scale.

⑧Adjust the speed control knob to increase to the required speed.

⑨After the work is finished, put the speed control knob in the small position, the heating switch and temperature control knob are in non-working state, turn off the power switch and cut off the power.

⑩ Wipe clean the top plate of the working surface, sensors, etc., and no water droplets or dirt residues are allowed on them.

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2. How to use

① Do not let the instrument work without heating liquid.

②Before operation, you should check whether it is grounded, and make sure that you can work after it is completed.

③The internal components of the magnetic stirrer have an upper limit for heating, so you must take into account when heating, ensure that the machine is not heated only, and remember to change the state of the motor to a rotating state, so as to protect the magnetic stirrer.

④Be careful during operation to avoid burns.

⑤When the magnetic stirrer fails, don't do it first, you should first ask about the failure process and the failure phenomenon. For unfamiliar equipment, you should also be familiar with the circuit principle and structural features and follow the corresponding rules. Before disassembling, be fully familiar with the function, location, connection mode and relationship with other surrounding components of each electrical component. If there is no assembly drawing, draw a sketch while disassembling and mark it.

⑥When the instrument fails, check the equipment for obvious cracks and defects, understand its maintenance history, service life, etc., and then inspect the inside of the machine. Before disassembling, the surrounding fault factors should be eliminated, and it can be disassembled only after it is determined that it is an internal fault. Otherwise, blind disassembly may cause the equipment to become more damaged.


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