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Laboratory safety of chemical safety
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Laboratory safety of chemical safety

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1.Chemicals used in laboratories of all levels and types must be purchased by the school, and no laboratory or individual may purchase it without authorization. The purchase of highly toxic and precursor drugs must be approved by the public security department, and the license can be purchased.

2. Chemical drugs should be stored separately, and interacting drugs cannot be mixed and must be stored separately. All medicines must have clear labels, and storage rooms and cabinets must be kept neat and clean. Medicines with special properties must be stored according to their characteristics. Unnamed substances and expired drugs must be promptly cleaned up and destroyed. No highly toxic drugs shall be stored in the laboratory.

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3. Dangerous chemical containers should have clear marks or labels. Hazardous chemicals that are easy to burn, explode or produce toxic gases when exposed to fire or moisture must not be stored in the open, humid, rainy, or low-lying places where water is easy to accumulate; hazardous chemicals that are easy to burn, explode or produce toxic gases when exposed to sunlight Medicines should be stored in a cool and ventilated place. The storage area of dangerous chemicals should be set up with eye-catching safety signs.

4. Highly toxic substances must be stored in the school's special high-toxicity warehouse. The warehouse must comply with relevant safety requirements and must be properly kept with "double locks". Requisition of highly toxic substances must be approved by the school’s security department. The minimum quantity should be collected according to the use situation, and the "double" collection and "double" use should be achieved. At the same time, the registration and consumption records must be strictly followed. , So that the "double double lock" is properly kept.

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5. The personnel engaged in the experiment of hazardous chemicals shall receive corresponding safety technical training, be familiar with the nature of the drugs used, and be proficient in the operation methods of the corresponding drugs. Especially the use of flammable, explosive, highly toxic, pathogenic, pressure reaction and other dangerous chemicals for experiments. Blind operation is strictly prohibited. There must be related operating procedures, and the corresponding regulations of the country and industry are required. Standards are strictly enforced.

6. The waste liquid waste produced by each laboratory shall not be discarded at will, and discharged into the ground, underground pipelines and any water sources at will to prevent environmental pollution. The experimental waste liquid and waste shall be treated with appropriate measures to be "harmless". The laboratories that are really unable to handle it shall not discharge and dispose of them privately. The laboratories shall use special containers to separate and store them to prevent leakage and loss from causing secondary pollution.

7. Each laboratory will transport all kinds of waste liquids and wastes collected to the waste recycling warehouse under the laboratory equipment management office, and the laboratory equipment management office will contact the department with processing qualification designated and approved by the Environmental Protection Bureau for unified disposal.


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