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How to use the funnel
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How to use the funnel

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1.Fold the filter paper in half, twice in a row, and fold it into a 90° central angle shape.

2. Press the folded filter paper into three layers on one side and one layer on the other side to form a funnel.

3. Put the funnel-shaped filter paper into the funnel. The edge of the filter paper should be lower than the edge of the funnel. Pour some clean water into the mouth of the funnel to make the soaked filter paper abut the inner wall of the funnel, and then pour out the remaining clean water and set aside.

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4. Place the funnel with the filter paper on the funnel stand for filtering (such as the ring of the iron stand), place the beaker or test tube containing the filtrate under the funnel neck, and make the tip of the funnel neck lean against the wall of the receiving container. Prevent liquid splashing.

5. When filling the funnel with the liquid to be filtered, hold the liquid beaker in the right hand and the glass rod in the left hand. The lower end of the glass rod is close to the three-layer filter paper. The mouth of the beaker is close to the glass rod. When the filtered liquid flows out along the mouth of the cup, it will go along the glass. The stick flows into the funnel homeopathically. Note that the liquid level of the liquid flowing into the funnel cannot exceed the height of the filter paper.

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6. When the liquid flows down the neck of the funnel through the filter paper, check whether the liquid flows down the wall of the cup and is poured into the bottom of the cup. If not, you should move the beaker or rotate the funnel so that the tip of the funnel is firmly attached to the wall of the beaker, so that the liquid can flow down the wall.


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