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How to do personal protection for laboratory workers
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How to do personal protection for laboratory workers

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The laboratory is a place for scientists to conduct experiments. While the laboratory staff are doing scientific research and experimentation, there are also many "killers" hidden around them, such as foreign body impact, solvent burns, poisoning, etc. Today, I will introduce you to the laboratory. ,How do you do personal protection?

1. Respiratory protection

During the experiment, some chemical reactions will occur to produce toxic and harmful vapors or gases, which will cause respiratory tract damage to the staff, so it is necessary to wear personal respiratory protection equipment, more common gas masks or gas masks. The specific needs to be selected according to the degree of harm of the toxic gas at the scene, if the toxicity is greater, it is recommended to choose a gas mask.

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2. Eye and face protection

1) Protective goggles or chemical protective glasses: The eyes and face are the most vulnerable parts of the laboratory to be injured by accidents, so their protection is particularly important. In the laboratory I work environment, the laboratory personnel involved in the solution reagent must wear safety glasses.

2) Eyewash: When the chemical solvent splashes into the eyes, use the eyewash to rinse thoroughly. When rinsing, keep your eyelids open, rinse carefully with tap water for a few minutes, then rinse with distilled water, and then go to the infirmary for treatment. The eyewash can generally be a wall-mounted eyewash or a portable eyewash.

3) Face screen: Face protection equipment is used to protect the face and throat. In order to prevent possible explosions and object splashing caused by impact damage, you can wear a protective mask or face screen made of plexiglass or polycarbonate.

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3. Body protection

Personnel entering the laboratory must wear chemical protective clothing, the purpose is to prevent the body's skin and clothing from being contaminated by chemicals.

The most basic performance of chemical protective clothing is that it can resist corrosion to general chemicals. If it is a reusable chemical protective clothing, it needs to be washed and stored with a corresponding solvent after use to prevent chemical substances attached to the surface of the chemical protective clothing. Secondary injury.

4. Hand protection

In order to prevent hand injury in the laboratory, you can choose to wear various gloves as needed. Wear gloves when contacting corrosive materials, sharp-edged objects (such as broken glass, wood, metal fragments), and hot or cold materials.

The most commonly used gloves in laboratories are chemical-proof gloves, but there are many kinds of chemical-proof gloves, such as nitrile rubber, latex, polyethylene, etc., because chemical-proof gloves of different materials are protected from chemical solvents. The level is different, so it needs to be defined according to the specific use situation.


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