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How to choose the speed of the centrifuge
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How to choose the speed of the centrifuge

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How to choose the speed of the centrifuge

The speed of the centrifuge is the centrifugal acceleration. The size of the centrifugal acceleration depends on the speed of the rotor and the radius of rotation of the particles.

According to the classification of speed, centrifuges can generally be divided into the following types:

Ordinary centrifuge (low speed)<8000r/min;

High-speed centrifuge 8000 ~ 30000r/rain;

Ultra-speed centrifuge 30000 ~ 80000r/min;

Ultra-high speed centrifuge>80000r/min.

Under normal circumstances, medical centrifuges are low-speed centrifuges, and the speed is generally not more than 5000r/min. A horizontal rotor is sufficient, and it can meet the needs of large capacity. Schools, scientific research units and other laboratories generally need high-speed centrifuges (greater than 5000r/min) and small-capacity angular rotors.


When choosing a centrifuge, the laboratory can choose centrifuges with different capacities, different speeds, and different temperature controls according to the purpose and needs of the experiment.

For example, when you need to centrifuge at room temperature, small amount, and fast, you can use palm centrifuges and micro centrifuges;

If the speed does not exceed 8000r/min, such as collecting cells during cell culture, you can choose an ordinary low-speed centrifuge;

If the required speed is greater than 12000rpm, you can use a high-speed centrifuge, such as small amount of plasmid DNA extraction, cDNA extraction experiments, protein extraction, competent preparation, and RNA extraction from plants, the speed needs to be 12000rpm-15000 rpm and maintain 4 degrees In low temperature environment, refrigerated high-speed centrifuge can meet the requirements.

When purchasing a centrifuge, users must first understand their own experimental purpose, and choose a centrifuge with the appropriate speed according to their experimental purpose.


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