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Guidelines for the correct use of centrifuges
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Guidelines for the correct use of centrifuges

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1. When the centrifuge is in the pre-cooling state, the centrifuge cover must be closed. After the centrifugation is completed, the rotor should be placed upside down on the test bench, and the remaining water in the cavity should be wiped off. The centrifuge cover is in an open state;


2. When the rotor is pre-cooled, the rotor cover can be placed on the platform of the centrifuge or placed on the experimental bench. It must be tightened and floated on the rotor, because once it is started by mistake, the centrifuge rotor The cover will fly out, causing an accident;

3. After the rotor cover is tightened, there must be no gap between the rotor and the rotor cover with your fingers. If there is a gap, unscrew and re-tighten the centrifuge until it is confirmed that there is no gap before starting the centrifuge;


4. During the centrifugation process, the operator must not leave the centrifuge room. Once an abnormal situation occurs, the operator cannot turn off the power and press STOP. Fill in the centrifuge usage record before pre-cooling;

5. Do not use fake and inferior centrifuge tubes, and do not use aging, deformed, or cracked centrifuge tubes;

6. The last one can leave after the routine safety inspection using the centrifuge.


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