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Four requirements for laboratory instrument management
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Four requirements for laboratory instrument management

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Everyone knows that there are more equipment in the laboratory, so the display and storage of equipment is a technical problem. The display and storage of equipment not only affects the appearance, but also directly affects the performance and service life of the equipment, and even affects the integrity rate and the success rate of experimental teaching. The following is the specific requirements for the display and storage of laboratory equipment.

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1. To be scientifically standardized

The display and storage of instruments and equipment should be scientific, and they should not be placed in random piles. For example, the storage of magnets should prevent vibration and demagnetization, and the magnetic circuit should be closed. The north and south poles of the strip magnets should be opposite each other, and they should be stacked correspondingly to make the opposite poles of the opposite sex connected; the hoof-shaped magnet should attract the opposite sex in pairs and have a single hoof shape. An armature should be added in the middle of the magnet and placed on the U-shaped opening to form a combined magnetic circuit. The small magnetic needle should be stationary in the direction of the earth's magnetic field, and the external magnetic field will affect it to prevent the magnetic field from weakening. Long-term proximity to the same magnetic pole will affect the polarity, and several small magnetic needles should be connected north and south.

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2. To facilitate management

It must be numbered according to its specific classification, entered into the cabinet by category, located by number, layered inside the cabinet, and fixed on the cabinet. Each piece has a label, and each cabinet has a catalog, so that it is neat and vertical, and stored in an orderly manner. The cabinets where the instruments are placed must be numbered uniformly by subject, and positioning labels must be posted on the cabinets. The cabinet door positioning label should indicate the number, name, specification, and quantity of the instruments in the cabinet, written in carbon ink, and posted on the top or right side of the cabinet door. The label should be neat and beautiful for easy searching.

Because most of the medicines have corrosive effects on metal parts, the gas produced by them is harmful to the instrument. It is best to store and keep them separately in cabinets. There are not many medicines, so there is no need to store them separately in separate rooms, but effective measures must be taken to isolate and store them separately. Medicines should be placed in a dry, cool, ventilated, and dark place. Solid reagents should be placed in a wide-mouth bottle; liquid reagents should be placed in a narrow-necked bottle; reagents that are easily decomposed in light should be placed in a brown bottle. Rubber stoppers are used for bottles; rubber stoppers or cork stoppers should not be used for acid bottles, and ground glass bottles are generally used.

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3. Be easy to access

If it is a commonly used instrument and equipment, it should be easy to access and be able to obtain it in the shortest time, so as not to search everywhere and waste time. It is better to store it in a fixed area. In the place of rotating instruments and tools, paste numbers or draw instruments and tool patterns. These are common methods. When the instruments and tools are not in the original place (such as the loan has not been returned), they can be found immediately and it is convenient to check.

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4. Be beautiful and reasonable

To be conducive to strengthening management, but also conducive to observation. In the past, most of the instrument cabinets were opaque. Nowadays, transparent or upper transparent cabinets are used to change the closed management into open management. Therefore, the equipment display and storage should be neat and standardized, orderly, beautiful and generous, and attention should be paid to the artistry of the display. However, the instrument display should not be the same as the merchandise display, avoid the colorful and dazzling array.

Finally, remember that the most important item in the display and storage of the instrument is safety. It is necessary to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent all accidents from happening. Therefore, there must be special custody measures for valuable instruments and flammable, explosive and toxic drugs. Of course, relying only on traditional manual management is definitely more effective and prone to problems. It must be combined with a professional laboratory management system.


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