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Fire safety precautions for laboratory safety
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Fire safety precautions for laboratory safety

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1.A certain number of fire-fighting equipment must be stored in the laboratory. The fire-fighting equipment must be placed in an obvious location that is easy to access. It must be managed by a designated person. All personnel must take good care of the fire-fighting equipment and regularly check and replace them as required.

2. All flammable and explosive materials (such as hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.) stored in the laboratory must be kept at a certain distance from the fire source and power source, and should not be stacked randomly. In laboratories where flammable and explosive materials are used and stored, fireworks are strictly prohibited.

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3.Do not connect or pull wires indiscriminately, do not overload electricity, do not have exposed wire ends in the laboratory, and it is strictly forbidden to replace fuses with metal wires; do not stack objects in the power switch box.

4.Electrical equipment, wiring, and plugs and sockets should be checked frequently and kept in good condition. If it is found that it may cause sparks, short circuits, heat, insulation damage, and aging, an electrician must be notified for repair. Electric heaters, electric ovens and other equipment should be powered off by people.

5.When using an electric soldering iron, place it on a non-combustible and heat-insulated support, and no combustible materials should be stacked around it. Pull out the power plug immediately after use.

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6. Combustible gas cylinders and combustion-supporting gas cylinders must not be mixed together. All types of cylinders must not be placed close to heat sources or open flames. Sun protection measures must be taken. Collision and knocking are forbidden. Keep paint signs intact and special bottles are dedicated. The flammable gas cylinders used should generally be placed in a cool outdoor place with air circulation, and piped into the room. Hydrogen, oxygen and acetylene should not be mixed together, and a distance of more than 10m should be kept from the fire source used. All cylinders must be secured by a fixture to prevent tipping.

7. No high-power electrical equipment shall be used in the laboratory without approval and filing, so as not to exceed the electrical load.

8. It is strictly forbidden to stack objects on the corridors in the building to ensure unblocked fire fighting.


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