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Features and application of vortex mixer
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Features and application of vortex mixer

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Features and application of vortex mixer

1.Features of vortex mixer

(1)The integral casting is stable and durable;

(2) Shaded pole motor, long life;

(3)Stepless speed regulation;

(4)The technical parameters can be switched between continuous and touch vibration modes;

(5) Vibration and vortex mixing mode: adjustable speed control, capable of mixing from low-speed vibration to high-speed vortex mixing. In addition, each accessory is designed to be suitable for different mixing methods, and suitable mixing methods can be selected according to needs.

(6)Versatility: accessories of various shapes, sizes and materials provide a wide range of applications, suitable for various test tubes and containers, whether automatic or manual mixing.

(7) Automatic and spot vibration mixing mode: Three-point switch can choose automatic or spot vibration mixing mode. Automatic mixing method can improve work efficiency.

(8)Stability: The integral metal shell with sufficient weight provides a stable operation platform for various mixing.

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2. Application of vortex mixer

The vortex mixer is widely used in environmental monitoring, medical and health, petrochemical, food, metallurgy and other various universities, scientific research and production companies’ laboratories and laboratories for mixing and extraction; the vortex mixer is used for biological, It is used for shaking culture of various samples such as biochemistry, cells and bacteria. The vortex mixer is suitable for mixing a small amount of high and low viscosity samples in test tubes, centrifuge tubes, colorimetric tubes and small flasks.


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