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Disposable masks can be used several times in the new epidemic of pneumonia
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Disposable masks can be used several times in the new epidemic of pneumonia

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In the epidemic of new coronavirus infection pneumonia, the local supply of masks is in short supply, and there is a certain panic buying in the market. So, how many times can a common disposable mask be used?

Disposable mask

In the current prevention and control situation, unless it is exposed to high-risk environment areas such as hospitals, it is generally no problem to use disposable masks that meet the standard two or three times. Despite the common disposable masks on the market, in principle, they are "disposable". However, experts say that such masks can be used two to three times in most life scenarios such as "non-hospital", but "it is not recommended to use n times."

For example, if you take a walk inside or outside the community, under these conditions of use, you can take off your mask and put it in a ventilated environment, let it dry naturally or dry it, and prevent the accumulation of surface bacteria, you can use it again. He reminded that disposable masks are not washable.

Disposable mask

In fact, the ultra-fine fiber material of disposable masks is "outer blue and inner white": the outer blue layer has water-repellent properties and has a lotus leaf effect; the inner white layer is water-absorbing and more "friendly" to the skin. . Therefore, remember to "outside the blue and inside the white", otherwise it is counterproductive and instead sucks the droplets. Jin Xiangyu explained that such a design is actually a practical need for medical workers, because the blue face instead of the white face is outside, and under high light conditions such as shadowless lights, it is not easy to cause glare and reduce eye fatigue for medical staff.

1. Is the traditional gauze mask useful?

Useless. After the "SARS" campaign, the team of experts conducted experiments in a laboratory environment, using 12 layers or even 18 layers of gauze masks to superimpose. As a result, the particulate filtration rate was only 96%, which was 95% of the standard single-layer disposable mask. The filtration rate is almost the same. Moreover, in reality, it is impossible to repeatedly wear a dozen layers of gauze masks.

2. Is the anti-fog mask useful?

Useless. The design standards of anti-fog masks are different from medical masks and are not used to block viruses. If the built-in filter material is exposed to viruses, it cannot be properly disposed of, and it is prone to secondary pollution. In addition, anti-fog masks often have a decorative, warm design. It is not recommended to use haze masks in epidemic situations.

Disposable mask

3. Are valve masks useful?

Not recommended. Masks with valve function are mainly used for dust prevention. The valve is a "breath valve" after it is separated from the dusty environment, and it can breathe smoothly after opening. However, there is a risk of failure of this valve, and if large particles are stuck, it cannot prevent the virus from inhaling.

4. Is it more useful to wear two disposable masks?

Also useless. Some people were afraid that the masks were thin, so they put on two disposable masks, which Jin Xiangyu said was totally unnecessary. Because they have also done experiments to confirm that the "intercept rate" of viruses by overlapping disposable masks is also 95%. Moreover, the double-layer mask greatly increased the breathing resistance, resulting in a "boring" discomfort.


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