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Common pipettes
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Common pipettes

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1. Micropipette

The micropipette is a single-channel micropipette commonly used in biological (chemical) laboratories to pipette liquid with a small volume.

2. External piston pipette

Due to the difference in vapor pressure, density and viscosity, some high-viscosity substances, such as grease and protein, cannot be absorbed. An external piston pipette can do the job.

It has the same accuracy and error coefficient as the single-channel air piston pipette.

It can be applied to high-viscosity liquids, such as protein and resin, the highest viscosity can reach 50,000mm2/s, the highest density can reach 13.6g/cm3, such as mercury; high vapor pressure liquids, the highest vapor pressure can reach 500mbar, whether it is alcohol or Some hydrocarbons can be easily removed. There is no problem in the transfer of foamable liquid.

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3. Bottle-top pipette

According to different models, it is usually used for the transportation of medium flow (0.5ml-100ml) liquids, such as acids, alkalis, etc. According to the nature of the sucked liquid, it is divided into Dispensette III, Dispensette Organic and Dispensette HF. The whole can be sterilized at 121°C.

4. Manual continuous pipette

Continuous pipetting can be done quickly and easily, and 2ul-5000ul reagents can be easily completed. Aspiration is completed 49 times. For viscous, high-density liquids and high-vapor pressure liquids, it can also be accurately removed. Suitable for Plastibrand PD tips, Combitips tips and other piston tips.

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5. Electronic continuous pipette

Microprocessor control operation can automatically identify specific PD-tips.

The pipetting volume control range is from 1ul-50ml, and moving 7.01ul, 70.1ul, etc. will be no problem.

Automatic dispensing, the electronic continuous pipette can dispense liquids according to the average interval of three consecutive pipetting. (The required time can be calculated automatically without manual calculation and input).

Smart charging, you can directly plug the electronic continuous pipette into the charger for charging, or remove the battery for charging. When replacing the backup battery, the original stored data will not be lost due to short power.

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6. Electronic titrator

Commonly used in food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries.

Small size, long battery life, suitable for use in small spaces and far away from power sources. The operation is simple. When the reagent is inhaled, press the "Fill" key and the handwheel will rotate upwards. If the titration is started, press the "Titr" key to start, and the handwheel will rotate downward to display the titration volume. Digital display reduces errors caused by human reading and volume calculation. Without tools, users can calibrate by themselves.


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