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Common laboratory operations taboo one
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Common laboratory operations taboo one

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Experimental safety is an eternal theme in the experiment. The rules of the experiment are not dogma, but some schemes that are really designed for your experimental safety. Therefore, only if you observe it well, you will not have any regrets. Now we will sort out some tips. For your reference.

1. It is a habit that you must not use your mouth to suck. Some people say: "I know this is water!" Despite this, do you know the content and cleanliness of the water? Do you know the cleanliness of the container that stores this water? Even at home, you can’t do this casually. Some people like to suck kerosene or gasoline with their mouths.

2. Smell the gas into the nose, don't look at a small operation, I once heard that someone went into the hospital because of a sniff of Cl2.

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3. Eating and drinking are prohibited in the laboratory. Someone once drank the reagent next to him because he was eating while looking at the microscope. Even in an emergency, gastric lavage was unavoidable. It is also prohibited to use reagents in the laboratory as "food and additives", such as NaCl or distilled water, because you don't know the purity and impurities in NaCl, and the same is true for distilled water, remember!

4. Brush the bottle, be sure to brush both inside and outside, saving you time later to find out whether the dirt is inside or outside.

5. The laboratory cannot wear leather shoes with iron palms, because it will cause friction and electricity.

6. When there are many samples used or some samples will be used in the future, be sure to affix a label, even if your memory is extremely good, you must post it, otherwise once you forget it, it may take several times the time to think about it. what is that. . .

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7. After any experiment fails, don't rush the reactants. Maybe you will regret your impulse when you wake up later.

8. To do experiments, you must record the data truly. Randomly messing up or even tampering with the data will bring yourself trouble.

9. It is best to wear a glass lens for the experiment to prevent solvents and corrosive substances from splashing on the eyes. The resin lens is more prone to corrosion.

10. Always keep your experimental table clean, not only for you to get good results, but also for your own mood.

11.Before the experiment, you must think about what you do. It is not an empty talk to do a good job of preparing the experiment. Otherwise, you will make mistakes and accidents when you get confused.


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