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Centrifuge failure analysis 2
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Centrifuge failure analysis 2

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According to the traditional theory, centrifuge failure is caused by excessive imbalance of the rotor, and the weighing error of the sample, the overflow of the centrifuge sample liquid during the centrifugation and the corrosion of the rotor are the main factors that cause the imbalance of the rotor.


1.For centrifugal tubes of various materials, the use scope and disinfection methods of the centrifuge tubes required by the manufacturer are not well understood before use, and chemical solvents and inappropriate disinfectant solutions are used, which causes the centrifuge tubes to swell and rupture during operation. And an accident occurred.

2. Due to carelessness during work, the rotor cover is not tightened or the rotor cover and the rotor handle are exchanged, causing the screw locks to not match. When the machine is turned on, the rotor cover is thrown out and a serious shaft broken accident occurs.

3. The centrifuge tube is aging or the centrifuge tube of the high-speed centrifuge is used in the ultracentrifuge, so that the centrifuge tube is broken during operation, the sample liquid overflows and causes an imbalance, and the shaft is bent.


4. Due to improper service life management and various corrosion, the rotor exploded during operation.

5. Due to various reasons, the drive system or other fixed parts of the system were not removed during installation, and the test operation of laboratory equipment was forced to cause the broken shaft and rotor explosion accident.

6. Materials such as drive shafts and rotors have internal injuries or inspection and quality problems during manufacturing, which are also one of the main reasons for laboratory instrument accidents.


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