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Centrifuge failure analysis 1
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Centrifuge failure analysis 1

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The centrifuge is an indispensable laboratory instrument in today's life chemistry research center. How to ensure the safe operation of the centrifuge and give full play to its full performance is a major concern of the experimental technicians.

In order to improve the utilization rate of the centrifuge and prolong the service life, to ensure the safe operation of laboratory instruments and avoid accidents, the following is an analysis of the original solid of the laboratory instrument centrifuge failure.


1.When the centrifuge tube is balanced, the unbalance of the centrifuge tube placed symmetrically exceeds 0.1 ~ 1g due to the long-term use of the balance and the failure to calibrate it.

2. When the centrifuge tube is loaded, because the sample liquid bundle is full or the centrifuge tube cap is not tightened and sealed, the high vacuum state in the centrifuge chamber during the centrifugation process causes the centrifuge tube to flatten, rupture and sample liquid overflows, resulting in unbalanced rotors. The shaft is bent or broken.

3. Since the specific gravity of the original sample is not equal to the specific gravity of the balance liquid, the rotor dynamic balance is out of adjustment and an accident occurs.

4. When using a horizontal rotor, the serial number of the bucket and the serial number of the main body of the horizontal rotor are not carefully installed, which will affect the dynamic balance of the rotor.


5. The mixed use of aluminum alloy centrifuge tube caps and stainless steel centrifuge tube caps (the two have different specific gravity) caused accidents.

6. Improper use and disinfection of the rubber sealing ring in the centrifuge tube cap and the rubber sealing ring of the rotor cover, such as long-term use of internal fracture and solid high-temperature disinfection (using a drying oven), etc., aging, cracking, loss of sealing, etc. It overflows during high-speed operation, causing the rotor to run in an unbalanced state.


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