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What are the mixing equipment and instruments used in the laboratory and what is the difference
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What are the mixing equipment and instruments used in the laboratory and what is the difference

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Laboratory stirrer is a kind of mixing equipment used in the laboratory. It is mainly used for experiments in industrial departments such as pigments, dyes, color pastes, inks, paints, ceramic blanks and glazes, magnetic recording materials, and universities and scientific research units. The laboratory is widely used in scientific experiments, production simulation and new product development.

Magnetic stirrer

1. What are the mixing equipment and instruments used in the laboratory

(1) Magnetic stirrer. The magnetic stirrer uses the rotation of the magnetic field to drive the rotation of the magneton. The magneton is wrapped in a small piece of metal with a layer of inert material, or you can make it yourself: put a 10# iron lead wire into a thin glass tube or plastic tube, and seal both ends. The size of the magneton is about 10mm, 20mm, 30mm long, and longer magneton. The shape of the magneton is cylindrical, elliptical and circular, etc., which can be selected according to the scale of the experiment. It is mainly used for stirring and heating, and can also be carried out at the same time. It is suitable for liquids or solid-liquid mixtures that are not very viscous.

(2) Mechanical stirrer. Magnetic stirring uses a magnetic stirrer, and mechanical stirring uses a mechanical stirrer. Since the magnetic stirrer is easy to install, it can be used for continuous stirring, especially when the reaction volume is small or the reaction is carried out under closed conditions, the use of the magnetic stirrer is more convenient. But the disadvantage is that for some viscous liquids or reactions involving a large amount of solids, the magnetic stirrer cannot be used smoothly. At this time, a mechanical stirrer should be used as the stirring power.

Magnetic stirrer

2.What is the difference between a laboratory stirrer?

(1) Four-blade propeller type: standard mixing head, which makes the mixed medium flow from the upper axial direction, and the shear force is small.

(2) Three-blade propeller type: the mixed medium flows axially from top to bottom to generate local shear force. Medium and high speed use.

(3) Dissolving type: make the mixed medium flow radially from top to bottom, the strong turbulence and high shear force formed can crush the particles in the liquid. Medium and high speed use.

(4) Centrifugal type: The double blades expand with the increase of speed, which is suitable for use in narrow-mouth containers. The stirring effect is similar to the four-blade propeller type. Medium and high speed use.

(5) Fan type: produces tangential flow, small turbulence, good heat exchange performance, and is used in occasions that require gentle stirring of the medium. Low to medium speed use.

(6) Anchor type: tangential flow is generated, and the edge forms a high shear rate. Make the mixed medium difficult to deposit on the container wall. Use at low speed. It is used in polymer reaction and the dispersion of minerals in liquids, and is an ideal stirring element for medium and high viscosity fluids.


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