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The use of pipettes
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The use of pipettes

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1. Choose the right pipette

When pipetting standard solutions (such as water, buffer, diluted salt solution and acid-base solution), use an air displacement pipette to pipette liquids with high volatility, high viscosity, and density greater than 2.0g/cm or in clinical practice. Use a forward displacement pipette when adding samples in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays. For pipetting 15ul of liquid, it is best to choose a pipette with a maximum range of 20ul. Pipettes with a range of 50ul and above are not accurate enough.

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2. Set the pipetting volume

Adjust the pipetting volume control knob of the pipette to set the pipetting volume. When adjusting the pipetting volume, you should rotate the scale to a scale that exceeds the set volume according to the volume, and then return to the set volume to ensure the best accuracy of pipetting.

3. Assemble the tip

When using a single-channel pipette, align the mouth cone of the adjustable pipette with the nozzle of the tip, and press it down gently and firmly to tighten it. When using a multi-channel pipette, align the first row of the pipette with the first nozzle, insert it at an angle, and slightly shake it back and forth to tighten.

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4. Pipetting

Ensure that the pipette, tip and the liquid to be pipetted are at the same temperature; then rinse the pipette tip with the liquid to be pipetted for 1-2 times, especially for viscous liquids or liquids with a different density than water. When pipetting the liquid, immerse the tip of the tip vertically into a depth of 2-3mm below the liquid surface (it is strictly forbidden to insert the tip into the solution), loosen the operating rod slowly and evenly, wait for the tip to inhale the solution and let it stand for 2-3 seconds. And obliquely stick to the container wall to drain the excess liquid from the outer wall of the suction head.

5. Placement of the pipette

After using the pipette, press the tip push rod with your thumb and press it down. After safely exiting the tip, adjust its capacity to the maximum value marked, and then hang the pipette on a dedicated pipette rack; It should be placed in a special box when not in use for a long time.


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