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Four factors affecting the accuracy of pipettes
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Four factors affecting the accuracy of pipettes

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As a widely used laboratory instrument, the accuracy of the pipette operation process will directly affect the development of the experiment, and the main factors affecting the accuracy of the pipette are as follows:


1.Temperature: When the room temperature is low, the hand temperature is high, which causes the air to expand and errors often occur when inhaling cold solution;

2. Air tightness: The long-term wear and tear between the top of the pipette and the joint of the pipette, and the top cylinder, cause errors;


3. Suction speed: It is easy to cause bubbles in the top and pollute the top;

4. The volatilization of reagents: when the reagents with high volatility are absorbed, the vapor enters the top and the internal pressure increases. As a result, when the liquid is pressed out, the pressure increases, and errors occur. Solution: It can be improved by repeated pumping 4-5 times.


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